Newsletter and archive

Our newsletters bring you fascinating snippets of Chester’s history, with each story drawn from material in our collections. You will also find details of our past, current and future exhibitions, including our Events Diary.

Newsletter Spring 2019

Featuring: The demolished church of St Bridgets, Chester’s Eastgate Clock (a Surprisingly Playful Timepiece), recent images of Chester’s past and newspaper accounts of the opening of Chester’s Grosvenor Museum.

Newsletter Spring 2017

Featuring: A Perfect Bijou Theatre, The Hammond School – by Caroline Hamilton and Oh What a Night!

Newsletter Winter 2016

Featuring: Educating Chester, Keep the Homes Fires Burning and A 1930s Childhood.

Newsletter Summer 2016

Featuring:A Perfect Ambassador for the City, Dickens at the Music Hall by David A. Ellis and The War to End all Wars.

Newsletter Spring 2016

Featuring: A Remarkably Light and Pleasant Building, That’s Life: Working Days at Western Command, Keep the Home Fires Burning and A Balsam of Many Virtues.

Newsletter Summer 2015

Featuring: Details of our past, A Skeleton In The Cupboard – Chester Workhouse, Made In Handbridge In The 1940s and After The War Was Over.

Newsletter Spring 2015

Featuring: Onward Christian Soldiers, An Elegant Entertainment and When the Lights Go on Again.

Newsletter Winter 2014

Featuring: Death on the Railway, A Chester Childhood and Before the Storm.

Newsletter Summer 2014

Featuring: The Hospital in the Park, When all Hope is Gone and How the Other Half Lived.